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The Charlotte-Metrolina Real Estate market is Booming, and the Urban Sprawl is everywhere.
Charlotte is the 7th fastest growing city in the US
Charlotte is the New Banking Center of USA, and corporate home to Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and 17 other financial & banking institutions.
North Carolina has just attracted Google and PayPal in which to locate their HQ and Eastern Business Operations.
Job growth is staggeringly high, and unemployment among the lowest states in the US.
Get ready for the next biggest Home Buyers group of the times.  The Millenials, born 1985-1998, are the next biggest generation group with growing careers and savings.  Charlotte is home of the highest percentage concentration of Millenials to total population in the nation.  What does this mean?  Home prices are certain to climb over the next 5 - 10 years!
If you are ready to join the many others building their nesteggs in Real Estate Investing, Charlotte is the place to be!
Are you new to Real Estate Investing, and really need someone to show you the ropes from beginning to end?
Have you spent BIG BUCKs on the GURU's software, tapes and videos, and still dont know how to get started?
Do you have an investment savings account, 401K, IRA, or other funds just barely earning above inflation, and want to start earning double digit returns on your investments so you can retire early?
STOP PAYING for the Coaching sessions and Boot Camps that leave you without ever doing your first deal!
I LOVE TO TEACH, and my mission statement:  To Create the LIFE you Want, Help OTHERS to create the LIFE they want.
I dont charge for helping and training other investors how to get started in this business, I BECOME your partner in each transaction, and you keep the LIONs share of the benefits of making money while you learn.
I have been involved in real estate for my whole life; first being the kid in the neighborhood who built all the backyard and tree forts. 
My college degree from the Univeristy of Denver is in Real Estate & Finance, the two areas i chose for achieving  and mainting Financial Security!  
One of worlds first 5 market makers in Securities/Commodity Options Trading & Teacher of Options trading theory.
Graduate of Home Builders Institute: Residential Construction
RE agent in 3 states: IL, CO, CA,  completing countless residential and commercial property transactions over 30 years.
Licensed Mortgage Originator completing hundreds of purchase and refinances, construction loans and FHA loans
Licensed Residential Appraiser
Licensed General and Electical Contractor
Award Winning Franchise Business Owner - Residential Remodeling Services
Extensive eduction and training in Business Structure and Asset Protection
The time is NOW!  Learn from a PRO, who will also have skin in the game with you.  Just complete the contact information form and we will contact you for an initial interview.